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The Unicorn Liberation Front (ULF) is a radical mythical empowerment organization dedicated to the total liberation of unicorns from the constructs of fantastical “standards”. We fight to end expectations about how we look, how we behave, WTF we’re actually capable of (ProTip: create your own joy MFer), regain magical sovereignty (yep, that shit ain’t up to your imagination), and ultimately dismantle the delusional mythological-caste system. Join us!


Oh, we make art, too.

Madeleine Hamann
(Lead Artist)

AKA Frogicorn — magical nonconformist; liberated, loving, creative soul.


As a child, Maddie’s greatest dream was to become a horse. As an adult, Maddie’s greatest dream is to return to her childhood self. So… logically…

Ensari (Enzo)​ Cokur
(Project Lead)

Ensari is a time traveller, in a way. He moved here from a country many years behind the rest of the world. Realizing that old country was not for him, he left everything behind and struck out, hoping to meet people who respect the world and all the living and not living creatures. Although worried about the future of the planet, he always has smile on his face. Biggest passion: Making/creating. CNC, 3DP, Fabrication. Functionality over appearance. Hiker, biker, minimalist.

Dave Doerner
(Project Lead)

Data Ninja, Designer, DJ, Dabbler Extraordinarie, Dave.


A global citizen who calls Southern California home, Dave balances his professional endeavors in the world of data and applications with his love for creative outlets and abnormal interpretations of the usual and commonplace. He strives to build large scale art to share with the world. 


Brian Tran
(Project Lead)

Brian is an adventure seeker who has a knack for solving problems. His background in cameras and electronics have led him to work on documentaries, ad campaigns, and scientific expeditions. On the team, he plays the role of an all around fixer. In his spare time, he enjoys eating pizza and tinkering.

Max Elliot
(Project Lead)

Max is a software engineer for Playstation. By day he codes and manages a lovely bunch of programmers. By night and weekend he tinkers with LEDs and microcontrollers, builds illuminated wearables and funky sculptures and basically adds light and interactivity to stuff. Recently worked on the Unfolding Humanity art piece that went to the 2018 burn. Main interests are along the illuminated jewelry direction, but wants to learn to work with heavy materials (welding anyone?). He is fascinated by iridescence and refraction and generally by the interactions between light and material. Is curious to explore the possibilities of using recycled plastic as a vehicle for bouncing light around. Bonus: thinks he can teach Lee to program arduino.​

Known ULF personnel

These appearances of these unicorn liberators have been generated using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence visual recognition using data from the social dark media web.

Chelsea Pattee

Use technology to make art that makes people question the way they use that technology.
Make controversial statements that get people talking; not art that tells people what stance they should take on an issue.
Sometimes less is more. Sometimes more is used to say a lot less. Use forms of commercialized media to say something or nothing at all. Make art that is rich; rich with meaning, or rich with nothingness. Use means of pop-media and ads for artistic ends.
Look at how experience influences perspective and how individuals make meaning of new experiences. Use scientific methods for artistic purposes. Bring the laboratory to the gallery and museum.
Out with the old and the overplayed! Let the future be swept clean of stagnation and embrace re-mix! Make way for the controversialists, the bold, the righteous!

Casandra Higuera

Dedicated unicorn lover, and Earthkeeper. My mission herein is to inspire our community through installations that transcend the obvious sighs of pollution and evoke thought and accountability.

Daily, I strive to lead by example enrolling others by picking up non-biodegradable trash with my glove, picker and bag. And take part in art that tells a horizon story. Why? To shift consciousness and our negative environmental impact by reclaiming my responsibility as a keeper of this beautiful mystical planet. The shift first starts within, heal the planet by healing yourself, "be the change"-Gandhi

Arya Natarajan

Arya is a biology and design student at UC San Diego with a love for telling stories and reading about marine invertebrates. When she's not putting together graphics, you can find her playing violin, working in lab, or putting together content for her radio show on KSDT. She loves the earth with all her heart, so she can't wait to contribute to Toxic Unicorn's mission to inspire interest in reusing materials and reducing our harmful footprint on the planet. Also, unicorns are rad.

Curt Benedetto

I like quiet dinners and long walks on the beach to stimulate my mind. Thoughts create conversations. Conversations create Ideas. Ideas create art. Art creates community. Bios create BS. This place of creation is where I find my joy. If you want to know more let's get together and create!

Lee Hemingway

By day, Lee is a freelance designer with knack for creating visually stunning narratives. By another time of day, he’s the guru of membership recruitment and retention for Justified Hype. By night, he’s tired from serving the creatives and professionals of SoCal and most likely watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. If he could find any free time, he’d probably be learning how to program Arduino lights.

Jenni Brandon

Jenni is a recovering scientist who got her PhD studying plastic trash and its harmful effects on our oceans. She loved studying plastic but not the life of a scientist and now is on to more creative endeavors. She’s probably not hip enough for this team.

ULF Conspirators

Not enough data has been captured about the following liberators; however, their reputations precede them.


It seems that no matter what we do, there is always a lingering fantastical standard for unicorns to uphold. We must be smart, fun, beautiful and ready to shoot rainbows out of our asses for the social justice cause du jour. The ridiculously delusional standards our society puts on unicorns strains our self confidence, identity, and feeling of self worth and value. These standards seem to be in place simply to keep young mythical creatures striving for the impossible. These standards tell us that there is a certain way to sparkle, gild, embellish, and always f*ing smile in order to be pleasing to society. Our worth is too often tied to the opinion of fantasy, as we are often imagined to act a certain way in order to puke joy in your general direction. Too often unicorns are pressured to fit a certain mold of what a magical creature is by standards created by a large percentage of humans that need to get out of their heads and into some therapy.


A unicorn’s worth is not tied to that of your fragile mental state. We do not sit around waiting for the perfect “child” to finally notice how we styled our luxurious mane and say all the right things a unicorn should say. Yet so many unicorns too often fall into the trap of trying to fit a mold we’re constantly having shoved down our throats. And to be quite honest if you like these standards so much why don’t you take a bite of the f*ing apple.


Being the “perfect unicorn” does not logistically make our lives better. Being the mythical creature you see on TV and in magazines won’t make you a better monoceros. Pretending to be the symbol of purity does not benefit you. The struggle that so many fabled creatures face today is that, no matter how much we know these unrealistic standards do not benefit us, they are still extremely real and present in our lives. We see them as we watch TV. As we read a magazine. As we walk in the fields of perfect flowers. We hear about it on the radio and from people around us. There is constantly this social standard looming over us in the clouds-something that can’t be seen but that we all know is there.


The standards that we constantly face from media, family, friends, and strangers all contribute to a diminished sense of self that stops many young unicorns from truly being themselves. Although it may sound cliche, in the end we only have one self. The best thing any creature can do is to live their lives completely and utterly as themselves. Young unicorns deserve to understand this and live freely without having to worry about the expectations and restrictions society has put on them through the warped fantasies of many a troubled mind.