The head gets unSCruz’d

We are excited to announce Toxic Unicorn’s first official appearance at this year’s unSCruz event ! We are the grateful recipients of an art grant from the Santa Cruz Burning Man community. We’re going to the Redwoods baby!

I’m going to the forest ma!

The team has been hard at work getting T.U’s skeleton head ready and lit up sparkle pony style for the event. Last week we completed the wood frame for the head using the CNC Machine at our coLab headquarters. Did you know that Toxic Unicorn is being built using the scale of a Clydesdale?!

LED light testing

Her handlers will be there to feed her carrots and brush her mane during the appearance. A million dusty Thank You’s go out to the unSCruz family for this grant. We couldn’t do this without our community, Unicorns Unite!

-Love Team T.U.

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