WE MADE IT! BRC Honorarium 2019

So stoked to announce that our installation for Burning Man 2019 received the Black Rock City Honorarium! They even featured the FUN of Toxic Unicorn in their article Introducing the 2019 Black Rock City Honoraria.


This is super exciting, but I think the best part of this project so far is the incredible talent that has shown up to make it happen. Chelsea Pattee, Curt Benedetto, Dave Doerner, Brian Tran, Casie Higuera, Lee Hemingway, Edward Sagan, Stephanie Indigo, and the ULF — these people are true unicorns. (not the toxic kind… as far as I can tell?)


What a gift it is to collaborate, create, and share artwork with an audience that makes people feel truly valued in their self-expressions. Thanks again, Burning Man.


Thanks, too, to SD CoLab for providing fiscal support, build space, tons of moral support, and badass resources. (Danksa Lisa, looking at you!) 


Super excited to order our plastic upcycling machines from Precious Plastic — be on the lookout for future workshops on how you, too, can turn your trash into art!

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