Some magical things are not as they seem...

The beautiful, life-sized Toxic Unicorn is an irresistible creature that beckons you to forget your worries.

Come play!

Toxic Unicorn has all of the trappings of the most insta‑worthy installations, but her captivating features do not come without a cost…


Her horn shines illuminated by the same magic that brought her into the world, but only the immortal can bare to touch it...

...without getting SHOCKED!

It turns out magic can be painful entering the body of the uninitiated. Are you sure you asked for consent?

Inviting Back

Imagine the view if you jumped up to ride bareback! She may allow you to mount, but if you overstay your welcome...

...she'll give you ATTITUDE!

Unicorns are fluent in debaucherous obscenities, and you've just unleashed an onslaught!

Enchanting Mane

Her mane, iridescent, flows in the wind reflecting the light of sun into unimaginable colors. Appearing weightless, you reach out to grasp it...'s COARSE!

It's as hard as plastic, and it may even give you a paper cut. Just because you like your hair pulled, doesn't mean she does.

Rippling Glutes

An awe-inspiring specimen, her voluptuous glutes seduce you into one coy squeeze...

...she's got GAS!

She can release a pungent spray if you approach and get too close.
Hopefully, it didn't get in your mouth...

Toxic Unicorn is intended to draw people away from their social media personas into an experience of interactive art. Ultimately, she seeks to inspire curiosity about the underlying message of plastic pollution that she brings to the world.

On one level, Toxic Unicorn is a shiny facade with emphasis on outward appearances (social media, etc.). These avatars can cause dissatisfying relationships and isolation rather than real, deep interpersonal connection.

On another level, Toxic Unicorn—made of recycled plastic—begs a bigger conversation around humanity’s relationship with our favorite toxic unicorn material. Since their post-war popularization, plastics have enabled incredible innovation and have permeated human culture around the world. Today, looking more closely, we’re realizing there’s something a little (WAY) off. In an unexpected twist, Toxic Unicorn will have a social media and physical presence aimed at shedding light on major issues surrounding plastic production, consumption, re-purposing techniques, and proper recycling/disposal.

The head gets unSCruz’d

We are excited to announce Toxic Unicorn’s first official appearance at this year’s unSCruz event ! We are the grateful recipients of an art grant from the Santa Cruz Burning Man community. We’re going to the Redwoods baby! The team has been hard at work getting T.U’s skeleton head ready

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The Homemade Compression Machine

Last week our team completed the build of our compression machine. Our resident welding experts Ensari and Scott used plans provided by the Precious Plastics website. They have plans for plastic recycling machines and doo-hickeys you can build yourself here: compression machine consists of an electric oven and a

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The gang learns CNC

Lots of action in the front lines of the Unicorn Liberation Front lately! Last night our team got a brief introduction (for those of us that are not masters already) to the CNC machine at coLab. This is where the unicorn magic happens during the first phase of our build.

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Adventures of Tiny Horse

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Tonight, we take Tiny Horse out for a test drive and see what she’s made of. The gang’s all here at CoLab melting plastic on the stove and running with scissors. The horse I’m referring to is the model we have constructed of our toxic

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WE MADE IT! BRC Honorarium 2019

So stoked to announce that our installation for Burning Man 2019 received the Black Rock City Honorarium! They even featured the FUN of Toxic Unicorn in their article Introducing the 2019 Black Rock City Honoraria.   This is super exciting, but I think the best part of this project so

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v1 Shirts Have Arrived!

The team was working hard(ly?) last night making our awesome first round of shirts! These are the first run, but we’ll incorporate a color gradient into this design to really make it POP.

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